Steel Glass Cylinder (demo)

by Baba Sonya

backstage exclusive


Lyrics by Mike Costaney


He’s never needed to be sorry before
‘Cuz there are no mistakes in a world that is fate-driven
Alone in a trailer park near a reservoir
He walks to the bus stop to find what he’s missing out on

In a gust of reason, he’s swept away
Thinking “I’ll know if I notice a change.
It’s just letting go of those things and what they say.”

On the side of a street around quarter to four
A cigarette climbs in the mouth of a listener
Patiently waiting they open the door
To a steel glass cylinder, inside they’re all sleeping ‘cuz

Everyone is safe in the walls of their comfort
It sweeps us away for good or for worse
We know when to change

In the walls of my comfort
I’m swept away
Praying to God that I’ll know when to change
And keep holding on to those things that should stay.


released March 19, 2021


all rights reserved



Baba Sonya New York, New York

Baba Sonya is music from Rachel Gawell and Mike Costaney

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